KEEPING YOUR KIDS CHRISTIAN: 9 Ideas to Teach Your Children So They Won’t Abandon their Faith

In May of 2015 I decided to write a book. I’d never written a book before. I love books, and I have entirely too many of them, but actually writing one myself seemed a daunting task. Something motivated me to such a degree that I just had to give it a try.

The inspiration for writing this book was an article about a young lady who grew up in a Christian home, was deeply involved in her church, went away to college, and promptly abandoned her faith. My gut level response to this was, “This shouldn’t happen!”

My wife and I have raised three children (currently 25, 22, and 15), and they would no more go off to college and reject their faith than they would reject reality. I determined that I was going to tell the world, and especially Christians, how we raised our kids so this would never happen to them. It’s not necessarily that we’re such great parents, but that God has revealed himself in so many compelling ways that it is inconceivable that a secular Western culture would be more appealing to our children than Christianity. God has provided us an over-abundance of resources to make the Christian Faith winsome, appealing, attractive, and persuasive to our kids so they are never even tempted to become what the media has come to be called “Nones.” These are people, especially young people, who when asked about their religious affiliation on surveys say “None” or “None of the above.” As this chart shows, a growing number of people, especially young people, are religiously unaffiliated:


The secular media celebrates “Nones” because it fits their narrative of a dominant secular culture that they think is the inevitable victor on the “right side of history.” Too many Christians believe that just because some young people walk away from their faith that it can happen to their children. As a result, many Christian parents are concerned and fear they have little control over the future of their kids’ Christian commitment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Keeping Your Kids Christian will show that both sociologically and biblically, parents are by far the most powerful influence on whether their children maintain their faith into adulthood.

My book will educate Christian parents about eight foundational concepts that they can teach their children to build in them an impregnable faith and keep them from becoming “Nones.”

I’m currently looking for a publisher, and when that happens I’ll be announcing it here at