Quote of the Day

George MacDonaldEven Annie did not then know that it was the soul’s hunger, the vague sense of a need which nothing but the God of human faces can satisfy, that sent her money-loving, poverty-stricken, pining, grumbling old aunt out staring toward the east. It is this formless idea of something at hand that keeps men and women striving to tear from the bosom of the world the secret of their own hopes. How little they know that what they look for is in reality their God!

–George MacDonald, The Maiden’s Bequest

Quote of the Day

Time and AgainWe sat in absolute silence then. I was stunned. I was, and I knew it, an ordinary person who long after he was grown retained the childhood assumption that the people who largely control our lives are somehow better informed than, and have judgment superior to, the rest of us; that they are more intelligent. Not until Vietnam did I finally realize that some of the most important decisions of all time can be made by men knowing really no more than, and who are not more intelligent than, most of the rest of us. That it was even possible that my own opinions and judgment could be as good as and maybe better than a politician’s who made a decision of profound consequence. Some of that childhood awe and acceptance of authority remained, and while I was sitting before Esterhazy’s desk–the room silent, everyone watching me, waiting–it seemed presumptuous that ordinary Simon Morely should question the judgment of this board. And of the men in Washington who agreed with it. Yet I knew I had to. And was going to.

–Jack Finney, Time and Again

Resources – Act One

Act One, Inc., exists to create a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry who are committed to artistry, professionalism, meaning, and prayer, so that through their lives and work they may be witnesses of Christ and the Truth to their fellow artists and to the global culture.

Graduates are prepared for careers marked by integrity and excellence, in writers’ rooms, on sets, and in studio and network offices.


  • Artistry – Mastering the craft of storytelling to move audiences through the radiance, wholeness, and harmony of beauty.
  • Professionalism – Exceeding the best practices of the industry in excellence, honesty, trustworthiness, hard work, and a “no excuses” mentality.
  • Meaning – Telling stories of substance to beckon audiences toward truth, goodness, and even faith.
  • Prayer – Sustaining a soul-nourishing spiritual journey of holiness and love made possible by individual and community prayer.

Gender Reassignment?

bruce-jenner-keeps-head-down-after-photoshopped-cover-released1If you’ve been in a grocery store recently or anywhere magazines are displayed, not to mention the internet, you can’t help but know that Olympian Bruce Jenner has decided to become a woman. It is inconceivable that such words would ever be written, but alas that is where we are in 21st Century America; men and women can decide they no longer want to be the sex they were born, and they are cheered by our cultural elite. However, when it comes to so called sexual orientation, these same people say that simply cannot be changed, and to say that it can be changed is sheer bigotry. And we know how modern America treats bigots.

Quote of the Day

It is one thing to argue that our rights are not God-given and that the Declaration, the founders, Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and so many other great documents and figures in American history were wrong to claim they were. Those who hold this view, of course, need to explain the basis for believing in and protecting unalienable rights and human dignity if they are not grounded in “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” Absent a Creator, what is the argument against capriciousness, injustice, and tyranny? How does one create a system of justice and make the case against, say, slavery, if you begin with two propositions: one, the universe was created by chance; and two, it will end in nothing? How do you derive a belief in a moral law that is binding on you and others apart from theism? How do you get from the “is” to the “ought”?

— Peter Wehner, “God, Our Rights, and the Modern Liberal Mind”

Some Advice for Scott Walker

Scott_Walker-Press_ConferenceSoon to be presidential candidate Scott Walker took what he thought was an apolitical trip to England recently to promote the fruit of Wisconsin labor. If you are running for president, nothing is apolitical, especially if you’re a Republican. During a question and answer session during the trip he was asked the completely irrelevant question of his views on evolution. This was of course a gotcha question so the liberal media could pounce on yet another anti-science, religious conservative who clearly isn’t qualified for the highest office in the land, or so the narrative goes.

Quote of the Day

Downton Abbey is utterly a product of today, and this dissonance is revealed in the script as its writers wander in our 21st-century moral wilderness while comfortably making pronouncements on the moral failings of people who lived in the previous one. These failings aren’t the same as our own; we are far more enlightened these days than those numbskulls who lived one hundred years ago, locked as they were in the British social hierarchy. No, their failings are ones of race and class and gender and sexual freedom, stuff we’ve since figured out. More or less.

Downton Abbey is a sort of playhouse, its characters manipulated by writers in the way paper dolls are manipulated by children: one-dimensional figures propped up on various pieces of furniture, the primary function of which is to show off regular costume changes and to serve as mouthpieces for whoever is controlling them. So it is for all the various characters that populate Downton Abbey. No matter how many are added or taken away with each successive season, every player, from the head of household to the lowliest undercook, is trapped in their own set of behaviors, reduced, in laymen’s terms, to having “issues”—issues which are understood with total clarity by 21st century viewers, existing as we do in our enlightened age.

–S.D. Kelly, “The One-Dimensional Humanity of ‘Downton Abbey’”

C.S. Lewis On the Myth of Evolution

Lewis1If you’ve ever read C.S. Lewis you’ll know he was a genius. I’m currently reading Christian Reflections, which are essays and addresses he gave about assorted topics. When he gets into full on genius mode I have to reread a passage numerous times to try to understand it, and often even then I can’t fully grasp what he’s trying to say. I know it’s profound, but I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. At other times when I can get what he’s saying, his insights can be breathtaking, and strangely enough obvious.  One piece in the book with many such insights is an essay called, “The Funeral of A Great Myth,” that being the Myth of progress, of evolution metaphysically considered. The facts of the science of evolution are not the point, but rather how the imagination extends and distorts the meaning of evolution all beyond its ability to predict.

Quote of the Day

Case for the CrusadesIn light of President Obama’s distortion at this week’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, where he compared the Crusades to modern day Islamic terrorism, I thought it important to point out a great resource for the truth about the Crusades, Rodney Stark’s, God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades.

The Crusades were precipitated by Islamic provocations: by centuries of bloody attempts to colonize the West and by sudden new attacks on Christian pilgrims and holy places. Although the Crusades were initiated by a plea from the pope, this had nothing to do with hopes of converting Islam. Nor were the Crusades organized and led by surplus sons, but by the heads of great families who were  fully aware that the costs of crusading would far exceed the very modest material rewards that could be expected; most went at immense personal cost, some of them knowingly bankrupting themselves to go. Moreover, the crusader kingdoms that they established in the Holy Land, and that stood for nearly two centuries, were not colonies sustained by local exactions; rather, they required immense subsidies from Europe.

Quote of the Day

When Obama alludes to the evils of medieval Christianity, he fails to acknowledge the key word: “medieval.” What made medieval Christianity backward wasn’t Christianity but medievalism.

It is perverse that Obama feels compelled to lecture the West about not getting too judgmental on our “high horse” over radical Islam’s medieval barbarism in 2015 because of Christianity’s medieval barbarism in 1215.

It’s also insipidly hypocritical. President Obama can’t bring himself to call the Islamic State “Islamic,” but he’s happy to offer a sermon about Christianity’s alleged crimes at the beginning of the last millennium.

–Jonah Goldberg, “Obama’s Comparison of Christianity to Radical Islam Defies Logic”