Holistic Apologetics Parenting Lifestyle


What is a “holistic apologetics parenting lifestyle”? I came up with the phrase when I realized there are no perfectly definable steps to keeping our kids Christian. It’s a lifestyle of constantly having on our mind the defending and affirming of the veracity of the Christian faith, and worldview, to our children. And then doing that with the multitude of opportunities that come our way every day.

As Christians we live in a secular culture hostile to our faith. I know this is obvious , but how we confront this challenge will determine whether the culture is a negative, or whether we can turn it into our kids’ best friend for their faith. The messages we confront daily from media, popular culture, and education seek to make Christianity illegitimate as a viable worldview. Sure, our secular cultural elites tell us, Christianity is great for you, just keep it behind closed doors and we can all get along. Unfortunately, for them, Christianity doesn’t work that way. God’s truth applies to all of existence, every squire inch, because he created it! It’s really not that that hard to keep your kids Christian if you live this kind of lifestyle. And every Christian parent should; our cultural moment demands it.

When I was considering writing the book, the first chapter title I came up with was, “It’s All About Truth.” In a postmodern relativistic world where truth is, “true for you, but not for me,” Christians must continually affirm that objective Truth exists, and that we can know it. This affirmation is where we plant the flag, where we draw the line against a hostile secular culture. But as I continued to figure out what I wanted to write about, how I’ve raised our children teaching them these eight ideas, I realized that each one was equally important; part of a “holistic apologetics parenting lifestyle.” The categories you see listed on the right are part of the chapter titles, and everything I blog about will fit into one or more of those. I hope to show how this is done in posts here, and you can find it fleshed out in detail when the book is available at a fine bookseller near you!

One last point of clarification. The power of this parenting orientation does not come from us, although it obviously cannot be done without us. We must grow in knowledge, as we are commanded to do throughout Scripture. But power itself comes from the Christian faith and worldview itself. As C.S. Lewis put it perfectly:

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the Sun has risen not only because I see it but because by it I see everything else.

Nothing makes sense of this conundrum we call existence like the Christian faith and worldview. It is so powerfully credible, as I argue throughout the book, that my kids should never, ever want to leave it, or even be slightly tempted to do so. God has revealed himself in so many compelling ways that it is inconceivable that a secular Western culture would be more appealing to our children than Christianity. God has provided us an over-abundance of resources to make the Christian Faith winsome, appealing, attractive, and compelling to our kids. One of my new favorite verses came from my current reading through Isaiah, and it could not be said any better where our confidence as Christian parents should come from:

He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure.

This is the sure foundation we have bequeathed to our children through a holistic apologetics parenting lifestyle. You can too.