About The Author


That would be me! As you see next to the posts, my name is Mike D’Virgilio (computers don’t do apostrophes very well—something my grandfather obviously didn’t consider when he changed our surname from the grammatically correct, in Italian, DiVirgilio in the 1920s). And despite the butchery that’s been committed against our name lo these many years, it’s rather easy to pronounce; just follow the vowels.

I am a writer, author, speaker, and apologist. I am also a husband and father, or I obviously wouldn’t have much credibility writing a book about parenting. I could also mention that I’m a golfer, but that would be admitting I have an unfortunate addiction to futility.

Keeping Your Kids Christian is inspired by my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and my family, the two primary passions of my life. Based on my track record, and more importantly the grace of God, I am an expert at raising kids who stay wedded to their faith. Admittedly it’s a small sample, a grand total of three. Nonetheless, I am convinced that I, with plenty of help and patience from my wife, have much to share with a Christian church that is often lacking confidence that it can keep its kids Christian.

I have a B.S. in communication from Arizona State University, and an M.A. in systematic theology from Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia. I’ve worked in public relations, sales, and marketing for over 30 years, which has helped contribute to my understanding of parenting as primarily a persuasion and educational enterprise. I’ve been involved in various capacities at churches over the years. I currently serve as Elder at the church we attend, and lead a Christ & Culture ministry as well.

I also blog on my thoughts as I Walk Through the Bible.