I’m Baaack!

As you may have noticed, over the past month or so my little website had a cold. Technology is like that, not unlike we who experience life in a mortal body in a fallen world. Nothing is perfect. But I learned that Godaddy is a little less perfect than HostGator. My web guy who helped me get the site up and running initially said I should go with the latter to host my site, but I had used Godaddy for years with other sites so just stuck with them. Unfortunately, when something went seriously wrong with the site they couldn’t help me. It was the perfect opportunity to move the site over to HostGator, which I did. As soon as the site was transferred over to them, a short time with their support on the phone, and the site was up and running like new. So if you want a site hosted sometime, I’d definitely suggest HostGator.

Now I can get back to my apologetics musings with the goal of keeping our kids Christian.