Las Vegas: More Important Than The Killer’s Motivation to Do Evil, Is Why Evil Exists in The First Place!

Since the horrific events in Las Vegas many in the media have been obsessed with trying to figure out the motives of the psychopathic killer who killed close to 60 people in cold blood and injured about 500 more. More important to me, however, than what caused this evil mad man to do what he did, is the question of why evil exists at all.

Everyone knows that randomly killing and shooting hundreds of people is wrong, but WHY is it wrong? Why do we know the wrongness of it, that evil is, well, evil? There are very few possible answers. Here are three, and there really are not any more:

  1. Atheists tell us that evil just is, and it requires no explanation at all. It is, philosophically speaking, a “brute fact.” This answer is, to say the least, not satisfying. Not to mention that atheism is the least plausible explanation of reality, by far, of the few that exist. It has zero explanatory power.
  2. Another option might be pantheism or Eastern religions (like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.), but they don’t even try to explain where evil came from. They just admit is exists, and try to find some way to combat it.
  3. The only other option is theism, and we get theism from the Bible. I find this the most plausible explanation for evil. God created the world good, but man rebelled against God and thus brought sin into the world, the wages of which is death (“when you eat from it it you will surely die.”). Satan’s temptation to Adam and Eve is the heart of evil: “you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Our refusal to acknowledge that God is God and we are not, is the root of all the misery, suffering, and death in the world. Of the theistic religions, only Christianity offers a credible answer to this most horrible of human dilemmas.

Evil, far from the problem that skeptics claim it is for Christianity, should always point us back to the one who gave us a very plausible answer on a Roman cross 2000 years ago.