Monthly Archives: October 2017

Las Vegas: More Important Than The Killer’s Motivation to Do Evil, Is Why Evil Exists in The First Place!

Since the horrific events in Las Vegas many in the media have been obsessed with trying to figure out the motives of the psychopathic killer who killed close to 60 people in…

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The More Secular a Society, The Fewer Children Will Be Born

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, the big concern and among fear-mongering apocalyptics was over-population. One best-seller at the time, published in 1968 by Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich,…

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When In Doubt: Is This All Really A Grand Cosmic Coincidence?

In my previous post I argued that secular Western culture often makes belief in God problematic. For those who go with the secular cultural flow, instead of continually challenging and fighting it,…

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