No, America Is Not a Racist Country!

By now most Americans are familiar with “Charlottesville.” I understand there was a protest in that city that had something to do with race. A group of people called “white nationalists,” which I gather is not a good thing, and some Nazis, never a good thing, we’re protesting something. It’s not important. There was a ruckus, people were hurt, and one young woman was killed by a car driven by one of those “white nationalist” people. Ugliness all around. That another group of people was there who were not “white nationalists” doesn’t seem to have been an important part of the equation, so we were told.

As usually happens around events like these, the secular, liberal media always uses the occasion to affirm what a rotten racist country America is. We’re never allowed to put behind us that slavery was part of our history; white people will bear the guilt of America’s original sin forever. Those of the left are also consistent in their affirmation that America still suffers a race problem, and that white people need to admit it, and . . . . well, I’m not quite sure what comes after the guilt and shame of admitting I’m a racist, even if I don’t know it or think I am. Something about dialogue, and caring and . . . like I said, I’m not quite sure.

I think this is all a bunch of hokum, and worse it is a lie based on false Marxist, Hegelian assumptions about the nature of history and reality. The ideas that inform these assumptions are convoluted and complex, but the salient point is that they are anti-biblical, and against everything Scripture and a Christian worldview stands for. That is why it is so disconcerting to see well-meaning Christians who I highly respect, fall in line with the secular liberal narrative that America is still a racist country. A few examples . . . .

Eric Metaxas at Breakpoint wrote a piece with the title, “A Biblical Case Against Racism.” When I first saw the title I wondered why he felt the need to make that case. Regardless of what the enemies of Christianity assert, that is a very easy case to make. I also came across a piece The Gospel Coalition titled, “An Open Letter From Christian Scholars on Racism in America.” I too wondered why so many intelligent Christians felt the need to say and attach their names to such a statement. The great Tim Keller also felt the need to affirm that racism is not compatible with the Bible. Again, why?

The answer is quite simple: They believe what the secular left is selling, that America has a race problem, which means white America. In this Marxist, Hegelian universe the left inhabits, only white people can be guilty of racism because they are supposedly privileged by being white in America, and only privileged people can have power, and only people with power can be racists. I told you it was convoluted, but there it is. If a black person hates me because my skin is a paler version of his, that is of no matter because by definition he can’t be racist. It is such a worldview that these Christians, knowingly or not, are buying into.

I heard Denis Prager, a devout Jew, say not too long ago that America is the least racist country in the history of the world. By every objective measure he is absolutely right! Secular Jew and ex-communist David Horowitz agrees with Prager:

On any rational assessment, “white supremacy” as a descriptor of American society or American institutions or a significant segment of the American right is loony toons paranoia. Yet on the political left it is now an article of faith, and also a convenient weapon for disposing political opponents. Its power as a weapon is actually a tribute to America’s success in institutionalizing the principles of diversity and tolerance. It is because America is a truly inclusive society that makes the mere accusation of intolerance is so effective.

Every time a well-meaning Christian tells the world that we Christians are not racists, the more powerful does this left-wing weapon become. We must challenge the left’s assumptions like our conservative Jewish friends, not affirm them.