DNA Confirms the Bible: Israelites did not wipe out the Canaanites

I recently saw this headline at Real Clear Politics: “DNA Contradicts the Bible on Canaanites.” Of course I had to click on it. What I found, no surprise to me, was that DNA did no such thing.

For the last 150 plus years, skeptics have declared over and over again that that Bible has supposedly been disproved by one discovery or another. And over and over again the claims of the skeptics have been proved bogus. Such is the case with this latest DNA finding. The title on RCP site was blatantly false, and I e-mailed the editors to let them know. But the title of the actual piece is only slightly less deceiving: “DNA vs the Bible: Israelites did not wipe out the Canaanites.” Whoever wrote this is obviously ignorant of what the Bible actually says, and that’s how lies spread in our modern popular culture, especially among those who automatically doubt the Bible’s authenticity. An accurate title would be, “DNA Confirms the Bible.”

The Canaanites are referred to many times in the Pentateuch, and always as a thorn in the Israelites’ side. The Lord eventually commands Israel to “completely destroy” them because the Canaanites were prodigious sinners. But as with many things the Lord commanded of Israel, they failed to obey him. So this story could have had the headline of another piece that was accurate: “DNA Analysis Identifies Living Descendants of Biblical Canaanites.” Now that’s news!

Skeptics insist that most of the Bible is merely made up stories by some creative religious human beings thousands of years ago, and they always jump to the most negative conclusion possible when any kind of discovery is made. Not too many years ago, some skeptics even claimed that all the “ites” referenced in the Old Testament didn’t even exist! But science hasn’t been kind to the skeptics. The more archaeology advances, and the more science discovers, the more the Bible looks reliable as a source of true history.