Some Advice for Scott Walker

Scott_Walker-Press_ConferenceSoon to be presidential candidate Scott Walker took what he thought was an apolitical trip to England recently to promote the fruit of Wisconsin labor. If you are running for president, nothing is apolitical, especially if you’re a Republican. During a question and answer session during the trip he was asked the completely irrelevant question of his views on evolution. This was of course a gotcha question so the liberal media could pounce on yet another anti-science, religious conservative who clearly isn’t qualified for the highest office in the land, or so the narrative goes.

Unfortunately Walker was not prepared for such a question, so “punted” and refused to answer. Which of course liberals in the media found as prima facie evidence for troglodytism. If you don’t bow down on the altar of Darwin, you are a religious nut. Next time Walker, or any of the potential 2016 Republican candidates is asked this question, I have a helpful reply. As Socrates might have told him, it is often good to answer a question with a question, especially when the question has devious intent.

The question as put to Governor Walker was, “are you comfortable with the idea of evolution?” To which he should have replied: That depends if you are asking if life is the result of random, purposeless, chance, and thus that God is not the creator of life, or if you are asking if I believe that God could have used the mechanisms of random mutation and natural selection to create life as we know it? I can promise that the questioner if not completely stumped would have been put back on his heels a bit, and on the defensive.

As the questioner stumbled and stammered, Walker, in control, could have added that like any fair minded person he is open to scientific evidence whatever that may be, but that he is not prepared to accept assumptions hidden in a question that are trying to make him look bad. And for good measure he could have said, science cannot answer metaphysical questions anymore than religion can answer scientific ones. Booyah! I have a feeling he wouldn’t be asked that question again.