Gender Reassignment?

bruce-jenner-keeps-head-down-after-photoshopped-cover-released1If you’ve been in a grocery store recently or anywhere magazines are displayed, not to mention the internet, you can’t help but know that Olympian Bruce Jenner has decided to become a woman. It is inconceivable that such words would ever be written, but alas that is where we are in 21st Century America; men and women can decide they no longer want to be the sex they were born, and they are cheered by our cultural elite. However, when it comes to so called sexual orientation, these same people say that simply cannot be changed, and to say that it can be changed is sheer bigotry. And we know how modern America treats bigots.

I wrote recently of Amazon’s first streaming series about an elderly gentleman who decides he wants to be an elderly gentlewoman. Most Americans think such behavior is bizarre, but they are cowed into silence and taught how to think by an increasingly brazen popular culture. And since Jenner says he/she is happy, well, there you go. Who am I to judge? Who am I to say a man becoming a woman or the other way around is wrong or immoral or not normal? It’s none of my business anyway.

Well, I hate to say it is very much my business. And, actually I don’t hate to say it; I say it proudly and confidently. Last I checked we have something in America called the First Amendment which guarantees my right to free speech and my right to exercise my religion, even in public. Yet we are living in a time when these rights for Christians are coming under fire, and there are legal ramifications.

A small number of Americans wield enormous cultural influence, and they are overwhelmingly secular, anti-Christian, anti-traditional values, and increasingly totalitarian in their intolerance of dissent. They stride the heights of American popular culture, control most mainstream media outlets and dominate both higher and public K-12 education. The time for Christians to turn the other cheek and think this will all take care of itself is long over. When “gender reassignment” has become mainstream and marriage defined out of existence (mainly by courts), complaining will no longer do.

Engaging the culture is a Christian imperative, and we must raise up a new generation of our children to go into professions where their cultural influence will make a difference. A Christian sub-culture where Christians speak and preach to each other will never counter the anti-Christian avalanche we are beginning to encounter. We must infiltrate the above mentioned professions and think profoundly and produce excellently, and I think more Christians than ever are getting this.